A Childhood Behind Barbed Wire



On my way home late in the evening of November 6th, 1951, I was arrested by the Stasi and brought to Dresden. After around 3 or 4 days I was turned over to the soviet military tribunal. I was already 3 months pregnant at the time.

In early February 1951 the Soviet Military Tribunal sentenced me to 15 years in a hard labour camp for spying (atonement in a camp in the USSR). During transportation I suffered a breakdown; I was brought back to Dresden and from there to Hoheneck, via Bautzen.

In Hoheneck I was put in a cell with two criminals. Both women were also pregnant, but this was not their first time in prison. Almost every day they told me that they would be going home in three or six months whilst I would be there for 15 years.

On the  May 27th 1952, my daughter Karin was born, two weeks overdue.

(Report by Eva-Maria Koch)

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