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These are the names of children, who where born in a so called soviet special, Camp or East German, Prison as the children of political, Prisoners after 1945. I only listed these children, whose name could be proofed by East German and Russian documents, but sometimes not even the name of the child, only the date of birth has been recorded in the documents. So the true number will - for sure - never be determined. Not all children, who are listed here, survived the, Camp.

Hans Joachim, born  03.08.1945, Camp Ketschendorf
Rositha, born 11.11.1945, Camp Landsberg
boy, first name unknown, born  13.02.1946, Camp Ketschendorf
Thomas, born  28.02.1946, Camp Torgau
Michael, born  01.03.1946, Camp Sachsenhausen
Monika, born 06.04.1946, Camp Torgau
Helmut May, born1946, Camp Ketschendorf
girl, first name unknown, born 11.06.1946, Camp Buchenwald
boy, first name unknown, born 11.09.1946, Camp Bautzen
Manfred, born29.06.1946, Camp Sachsenhausen
Bärbel, born 13.10.1946, Camp Fünfeichen
Renate, born 18.10.1946, Camp Torgau
Christine, born 18.10.1946, Camp Sachsenhausen
Gerhard, born 19.10.1946, Camp Sachsenhausen
Birgitt Elsa, born 13.11.1946, Camp Fünfeichen
Barbara, born 19.11.1946, Camp Sachsenhausen
Günther, born 01.12.1946, Camp Torgau
Johanna, born 03.12.1946, Camp Bautzen
Ekkhart, born 25.04.1947, Camp Sachsenhausen
Astrid, born 13.01.1947, Camp Sachsenhausen
Joachim, born 14.01.1947, Camp Jamlitz
Bärbel, born 18.01.1947, Camp Torgau
Hubertus, born 08.03.1947, Camp Mühlberg
child, name and sex unknown, born 22.03.1947, Camp Sachsenhausen
Peter, born 04.04.1947, Camp Sachsenhausen
Bernd, born 04.05.1947, Camp Sachsenhausen
Klaus, born 11.05.1947, Camp Sachsenhausen
Hans-Jürgen, born 14.05.1947, Camp Buchenwald
Wolfgang, born 23.06.1947, Camp Sachsenhausen
Alexander, born 17.08.1947, Camp Sachsenhausen
Virginia, born 17.08.1947, Camp Sachsenhausen
Werner-Joachim, born 18.08.1947, Camp Bautzen
boy, first name unknown, born 09.10.1947, Camp Bautzen
Klaus-Peter, born 12.11.1947, Camp Sachsenhausen
Ingeborg, born 17.11.1947, Camp Sachsenhausen
Karin, born 29.11.1947, Camp Mühlberg
Elfriede, born 02.12.1947, Camp Mühlberg
Roswita, born 23.12.1947, Camp Sachsenhausen
Lydia, born 17.02.1948, Camp Sachsenhausen
Roland, born 03.03.1948, Camp Bautzen
Wolfgang-Alexander, born 18.04.1948, Camp Bautzen
Viktoria, born 13.06.1948, Camp Bautzen
Felicitas, born 29.06.1948, Camp Sachsenhausen
Petra, born 17.07.1948, Camp Sachsenhausen
Diana Beate, born 12.08.1948, Camp Sachsenhausen
Isabella, born 18.08.1948, Camp Sachsenhausen
Heinz, born 20.08.1948, Camp Sachsenhausen
girl, first name unknown, born 07.09.1948, Camp Bautzen
Erika, born 21.09.1948, Camp Sachsenhausen
Dagmar, born 22.09.1948, Camp Sachsenhausen
Waltraud, born 29.09.1948, Prison Halle
Dag, born 12.10.1948, Prison Magdeburg
Birgit, born 13.11.1948, Camp Bautzen
Klaus-Dieter, born January 1949, Camp Sachsenhausen
Gerhard, born 16.09.1949, Camp Sachsenhausen
Jochen, born 23.11.1949, Camp Sachsenhausen
Michael, born24.12.1949, Camp Sachsenhausen
boy, first name unknown, born 29.12.1949, Camp Sachsenhausen
Viktor-Harald, born 26.02.1950, Prison Hoheneck
Uwe-Carsten, born 12.04.1950, Prison Hoheneck
Heinz-Rüdiger, born 04.06.1950, Prison Hoheneck
Dorothea, born 01.07.1950, Prison Hoheneck
Elke, born 12.08.1950, Prison Hoheneck
Karl-Heinz, born 07.10.1950, Prison Hoheneck
Udo, born 26.10.1950, Prison Hoheneck
child, name and sex unknown, born 13.11.1950, Prison Hoheneck
Franz-Arthur, born 15.11.1950, Prison Bautzen
Claus, born 21.11.1950, Prison Hoheneck
Hans-Günter, born 25.11.1950, Prison Hoheneck
Michael, born 11.12.1950, Prison Hoheneck
Erika, born 15.12.1950, Prison Hoheneck
Gilda, born 23.12.1950, Prison Hoheneck
Johanna-Karen, born 03.01.1951, Prison Hoheneck
Rainer-Matthias, born 12.02.1951, Prison Hoheneck
Sylivia, born 03.03.1951, Prison Hoheneck
Ulrich, born 09.03.1951, Prison Hoheneck
boy, first name unknown, born 03.05.1951, Prison Hoheneck
Bernd-Karl, born 01.08.1951, Prison Hoheneck
Diana, born 27.09.1951, Prison Hoheneck
Gabriele, born 09.10.1951 on Transport to USSR
Ilona, born 17.10.1951, Prison Hoheneck
Frank-Rüdiger, born 14.11.1951, Prison Hoheneck
Annett, born 03.01.1952, Prison Waldheim
Frank-Gerd, born 01.03.1952, Prison Waldheim
girl, first name unknown, born 03.03.1952, Prison Hoheneck
Dietmar, born 12.03.1952, Prison Hoheneck
Karin, born 27.05.1952, Prison Hoheneck
Michael Ronald, born 30.05.1952, Prison Halberstadt
Hans-Günther, born 14.07.1952, Prison Hoheneck
Carmen, born 09.03.1953, Prison Hoheneck
Ute, born 05.10.1953, Prison Meusdorf

and for all the others, who are not listed:

girl, first name unknown, born in Camp Sachsenhausen November 1946, died April 1947

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